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Visualization of Rhythm & chords

I used Processing and the Arduino to create a visual representation of a rhythmic pattern generated by the song "Here Comes The Sun".  This project functions to assist people who may need more than just auditory stimuli to feel the rhythm of a song. We see a similar effect at rock concerts, when the lights blink in time with the music to help the audience groove with the beat. However, in this project, the blinking is generated by code that relates directly to a MIDI file of the song melody, as opposed to a click track that conveys a more general, metronomical beat. This project won Best In Show for the Physical Computing category at the 2017 University of Miami Interactive Media Show.


Performance Art: Fruit keyboard

This project uses a Makey Makey to create a functional, octave-and-a-half piano keyboard made of fruit. The Makey Makey is a children's invention kit that uses computer code and circuit principles to allows physical objects to function as a computer keyboard. This project acted as performance art in one of my final undergraduate music concerts: I provided fruit bass line accompaniment for a flutist performing a movement of Bach Sonata in C. 

More projects coming soon.